Swami Vankhandi


Meetings with Vankhandi Maharaj in 2018

Maharaj will be in Russia  from 1 July to 29 August 2018

1  July – Flight from Delhi to Moscow, Sheremetyevo, terminal B. Everyone who wants is welcomed to meet Maharaj in the airport.

Maybe a meeting will be this day in the evening at 19:00 for an hour.

2-3 July – one satsang in Moscow. We hope to organize a Maharaj meeting with some Indian society. If you can help with it, just contact to us.

4-9 July – Omsk, Okunyevo (Haidakan Babadji asram). 2 or 3 satsangs in Omsk, 1 day in Okunyevo.

9-19 July – Zelenogorsk.

14-15 July – Saint-Petersburg. Satsangs from 9.00 till to 10.30.

19-23 July – Krasnodar. 21-22 Satsangs from 9.00 till to 10.30.

23 July – 14 August retreat with Maharaj in Mezmai. Only morning satsangs – starting 7.00. First week 5-6 days a week. Second and third week only weekend satsangs. Maybe, weekends with Friday. It depends on a Maharaj state.

14 -20 August. Satsangs

18-19 AugustVladikavkaz. Satsangs from 9.00 till to 10.30.

20-27 August – Lykoshino. Retreat with Maharaj. In Lykoshino Maharaj will make havana. The havana will be in mornings. Sankirtans will be after the dinner, we can sing alone and maybe Maharaj will visit it.

Morning satsangs are possible, not more then one hour.

27-29 August – Moscow. Maharaj’s rest. 28 August – One satsang is possible.

29 August 19.00 – A flight from Sheremetyevo. Everyone who wants is welcomed to the airport to say goodbye to Maharaj.

The meetings schedule can be changed because of Maharaj state or some other reasons.


If you want to help us with organization, write to Vitaliy: vb@vitalybaranetsky.com

There are details to transfer money for the Swami Vankhandi arriving in 2018:

1) Through the internet bank «Alfa click» or you bank, from the your account on this Alfa bank account 42301810904210003517, BIC – 044525593
2) To the Alfa bank card 5486 7322 4933 9987 Baranetskiy Vitaliy
3) To the Sberbank card № 5469 3800 7996 5512 Baranetskiy Vitaliy

If you need some other ways, write to us.
! Please, write in a comment: “donation for Swami arriving”


It gives some difficulties to me when somebody asks me about Maharaj, why he is so great and why it is so important to visit him.

How to describe him? You can say that Maharaj is a saddhu, spent  30 years meditating in mountain glaciers, practices bhakti-yoga. He is a Divine Mother devotee and usually such people don’t come beyond the Indian border, it’s not common for a guru and saint people to come for devotees. Usually a guru is sitting in his ashram and interested people are trying to find him, and it’s the best way to meet Maharaj.

The best word which describes Maharaj – “sanctity”.

It’s clear that he is a saint, but how can we explain, what does it mean – “saint”? As I see it, he has realized that qualities which we usually consider as absolute and the most moral. There are very frequent questions: “How to strengthen my faith?”, “How to clear my heart?”, “What is love?” Maharaj is a person who answers these questions showing us his soul qualities. In his presence you see a real lively faith, deep and boundless. Or what is love? Everybody reads about it in books, tries to grow up it, but near Maharaj you feel the love every moment of life and you can understand it not theoretically but by heart, from the real contact with Maharaj. The same is true for the quality of the purity and other parts of the spiritual way.

Some time ago I’ve understood that the best advice for people who wants to improve something in their lives, is to visit a Maharaj ashram. The experience of the Presence can help you to discover many things, can help you to realize what is purity. Maybe, the Presence experience the most important, whatever we talk about, which bhajans we sing, what questions are asked…

The word «satsang» means a good meeting, a good company, a friends meeting – it supposses some conversation. During the satsang you can ask your questions to Maharaj, sometimes Maharaj decides to tell us something. The second more significant part of the meeting is a darshan, it’s a Presence. All the time during the darshan all we are in the Pure and Saint Presence, nothing can be added to it, it’s perfect and priceless.

Thank you.



 Swami Vankhandi:

“When a saddhu goes to mountains, he just goes up. He doesn’t have any food or warm clothes. He must be ready to die”.