Ilya Belyaev about Vankhandi Maharaj

Vankhandi Maharaj. Himalayan hermit Vankhandi said to me: “When the sadhu was in the mountains, it just goes up. He has no food or warm clothing. He should be ready for death”.

Vankhandi Maharaj spent 30 years in a cave on the lake Nanda Kunda near the peak of Nanda Devi, where he worshiped the divine Mother. Pindari Glacier County has traditionally been considered a place inhabited by Shakti, Shiva prefers a more severe borough – the source of the Ganges Gomukh. This is also reflected in yogah who live in these places. The followers of Shiva more closed, and often do not talk to people. Fans Shakti softer; Vankhandi perfect parent transmits exactly vibration. This is a very kind and friendly people.

Once Vankhandi lost in the mountains and walking on the scent in the snow leopard, found a cave. In this cave of rubble with snow, and he was forced to hold it for three months. When the sadhu, finally came out, he saw in front of the cave in the snow convolutions. It was something wrapped in tissue texture and unusual pattern. Yogi said that this material could not make a human hand – it was very strange to the touch, and the pattern, covered it, was also unearthly beauty.

Deployment package, Vankhandi found within about a kilogram of food. As it was for food – he did not know the taste was not like anything. Filled, yogi demitted unusual piece of fabric and put it in his bag. The same evening, he found that the fabric of the bag disappeared.

Pindari Glacier in the state Uttarpradesh – the habitat of deities. There could not go in the red dress, the color of clothing the goddess, which Vankhandi once saw on the walk from the suite. Go to these places can be only one or a group consisting of an odd number of people. These are the tastes of Shakti. In response to my question whether he met with Babaji, Yogananda described, Vankhandi said that such yoginov in the Himalayas, many, some of them can fly. Babaji simply became known through the book of Yogananda. Age of some yogis thousands of years. Once Vankhandi asked one of the Patriarchs, which allows live so long. “We have nothing to do so. Life just does not leave the body” – was the answer.

Master told that in ancient times the territory of modern India, China and Russia has been a yoga and subsequently split into different exercises. These ancient teachings in Russia was almost completely destroyed in India and China it is still alive. Vankhandi said that everywhere in the world where there are mountains of snow, live Rishis – the great visionaries, but they do not know about it.

Now ascetic living on top of the hill forest height one and a half kilometers above the lake Sattal. On the hill is the temple of the goddess in her three hypostasis – Kali (destruction), Lakshmi (prosperity) and Saraswati (wisdom). There is also room for guests, a kitchen with a small kosterkom – a kind of tiny ashram. On the hill there is no source of water for which you want to go down a kilometer downstream.

When Vankhandi came to the hill and forty years ago, there was only forest. Now, on the hill has a telephone and electricity, but water hermit refused to hold that it was less people. All come, he feeds potatoes seasoned with Indian spices, so the locals call it Alu Baba and potato beetle. Sometimes people hear how Vankhandi talking to the goddess, and how that meets him. Hermit told me that for many years, he asked the goddess to allow him to return to the highlands, but it does not – want her devout remained close to the people. Not far from the hill is an old English Naynital mountain resort, located on the lake, having the shape of the eye. According to legend, this eye goddess Sati fell, when her body was to cut the Lord Vishnu to 52 parts.

Many years ago, when India was still under British authority, Vankhandi first came to Naynital. He did not know anyone in these places and accidentally zabrel an English cemetery. It was dark, it rained, but the yogi could not find a way out. Finally, he decided to come to terms with destiny, and lay down on the grave stone slab in the crypt.

Suddenly, the air appeared radiant light. Hermit stood up and went after him. Ogonek led to his exit from the cemetery. At the gate stood a person dressed in white, according to Vankhandi similar to Jesus Christ. Stranger silently gave drenched hermit smoke. Vankhandi while smoking. Then he found the way to the city and overnight. Pupil Vankhandi Siddhartha told me that one evening in the twilight on the hill appeared Staiki girls who are dancing around the house. Around the temple the forest, and quite possible that the Indian girls to come here at night. Twilight – this time the leopard and the locals prefer to stay home. After the dance the girl disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.

Sometimes when Vankhandi begins to talk about his Himalayan adventures and encounters, he catches the throat, and he could not continue. “The goddess does not allow to say” – he explains. Once the conversation has gone on the release and transfer this knowledge to others. “When dostignesh release – said hermit – not necessarily that, after this you want to teach others.” I asked Vankhandi, where he is. Instead, he silently showed a hand to the sky.